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Al-Namaa for Modern Building Systems

Modern building systems are a major part of the priorities of Al-Namaa Investment Group. We specialize in designing sustainable, efficient and high-quality buildings that meet the needs of the twenty-first century, with Iraqi hands and experts from architects and civil engineers who have gained work experience over the years.

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Al Namaa for Agricultural and Animal Development

Agricultural and livestock investment is one of the most important aspects of modern society, as it helps to provide daily sustenance and livelihoods for millions of people, and for this reason we seek to invest in this field to meet the needs of the Iraqi market.

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Al Namaa for Manufacturing of Plastic Products

We specialize in manufacturing plastic products in any size or shape where our experienced team of specialists can create any plastic product you need. This is thanks to the devices and equipment available to us.

Our Activities

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Al-Namaa for Modern Building Systems

At Al-Namaa Investment Group, one of our top priorities is modern building systems. We offer a comprehensive range of intelligent and efficient industrial solutions, which include the production and installation of facade panels and decorations. Additionally, we specialize in producing numerous essential structural applications such as concrete, gypsum, and polyester reinforced with fiberglass. We also provide chemicals required for contemporary construction, thanks to our global expertise and integrated management system

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Al-Namaa for Agricultural and Animal Development

Our understanding of the Iraqi market and other Arab markets' needs led us to recognize the significance of investing in the agricultural and animal development sectors. As a result, we established an integrated management system for agricultural and animal development projects. We focus on strategic crops, feed production, and egg production halls, among others, to ensure the comprehensive improvement of these sectors.

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Al Namaa for Plastic Manufacturing

Al-Namaa Plastic Products Manufacturing is one of the most important industrial production lines in Iraq and the Arab world, playing a strategic role in the market. The company offers a range of plastic products, including plastic dishes, and has a vision for expanding into other areas such as the medical sector and plastic recycling...

Al Namaa's Industrial Concept

In Al-Namaa Group, we are well aware of the importance of achieving general economic stability in order to accelerate the development processes in Iraq. Through this perspective, we dedicate our capabilities, administrative know-how, and investment expertise in order to achieve this goal that concerns all the constituent elements of Iraqi society, starting with workers, cadres, owners and entrepreneurs, and all the way to governments and governmental and private executive bodies. Therefore, we set our sights on the goal of providing the most comprehensive business portfolio in terms of diversity and variation in order to ensure exceptional quality and unique value at competitive prices that suit the aspirations of the Iraqi market.

About us

About us

Who we are

Our experience in the Arab and international markets dates back to 2006, where we have used advanced investment strategies to reshape the contracting, agricultural, and industrial markets in Iraq. Through strategic partnerships and significant capabilities, our efforts have contributed to the country's economic progress. As Al-Ezza Holding Group, we continue to pave the way for future industrial development in Iraq and the Arab world.

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Our vision in Al Namaa Group

Our vision for development is fueled by offering industrial and agricultural solutions. Through our extensive range of sectors, we strive to provide the Iraqi economy with innovative and forward-thinking benefits that will pave the way for growth and progress. We aim to extend this development and growth to all our investors, entrepreneurs, and partners who collaborate with us at Al Namaa Group.


Development Aspirations

We focus on creating an attractive business environment for investments and promoting economic growth in the Iraqi governorates


Industrial Confidence

We dream of bringing global quality to Iraq by attracting the best international and local practical and scientific cadres


Total Transformation

We offer our comprehensive solutions in various sectors through exceptional measures of quality, and thorough knowledge of the markets


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